Cuddle As You Gain More Frequent Flier Miles

When was the last time you got to cuddle on airplane? No, we are not talking about the Mile High Club. And hold on, I know some business traveler out there is thinking, “Wait a minute, I ain’t touching that weirdo I sat next to last week.” No, you are not going to have to get closer or friendlier with “Strangers on a Plane”.

But recently Air New Zealand got creative and redesigned their coach seating. By adding arm rests that recede into the seatbacks and a padded footrest that swings up and locks into place, they created the first flying couch… They call it “Cuddle Class”.

It is still a little cramped, but it does give couples or parents traveling with small children more options to lie down and rest in coach.

The best option “Cuddle Class” offers the ability to purchase that middle seat for half price, an option most travelers will appreciate. However, this new flight innovation does add a bit more weight to Air New Zealand flights (using more costly fuel), but flight industry watchers point out that the carrier will collect extra revenue by selling more middle seats that otherwise would fly empty.

Keep in mind, to cuddle on your new flying couch; your feet, or the feet of your cuddler, will have to hang out into the aisle, so watch out for that drink cart slamming into your ankles.

Contact us to learn more about managing your frequent flier miles while cuddling in coach.

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