Don’t Let Your Frequent Flier Miles Expire!

Expiring frequent flier miles and points are a common and stressful point for many.  After all, building up those points over the years is expected to result in something good – not a casualty of a program’s fine print.

In a story from USA Today’s Gary Stoller, one customer says that expiration policies are “just another trick to take back benefits that have been extended over the years” to customers.  Others follow in this spirit – while others, on the other side of matters, enjoy it as it cuts down on competition to redeem such miles.


Whichever way you put it, there is little to enjoy about having your miles or points taken away from you. Even if you receive notifications from the airline program, it may not get past things… You may already be used to deleting promotional emails, or you may simply not check an account like this very often.

At UsingMiles, we understand.  We have developed a system that allows you to manage all of your loyalty programs – including those pesky frequent flier miles – in one place.  You can track all programs, receive monthly eStatements, and even search and book the best hotel prices – yes, all in one place.


With our Premier Membership, you can even get alerts when programs and deals are going to expire. Thus, when all of those trips with your preferred airline are about to reach their end, with points, you will get notification in plenty of time.

Don’t lose your valuable miles and points.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about our organizational system for all things points, miles, and rewards.

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