Earn miles for watching tv shows and movies?! Sweet travel deals for the week

Guest Post by Chris Carruth

Mileage deals, reward points and other promotions can go a long ways towards making travel affordable  (if not free).  It’s in this spirit of affordable travel that we’re presenting recent and upcoming deals that we think are worth a look.  Have a suggestion?  Email me at [email protected].  Now, for the news:

Mileage deals, reward points, and other promotions:

  • Southwest’s 2012 Partnerpalooza is on.   The promotion gives you the chance to win up to 1 Million Rapid Rewards Points, but in reality you’re more likely to walk away with a couple hundred free Rapid Rewards points for playing the daily games or buying products/services through their partners.  Worth a look for frequent Southwest fliers.  Registration and info here.  And, speaking of Southwest, here’s a link to a $10 discount off the total roundtrip of any “Wanna Get Away” fare (purchase must be between 2/17/12  and 3/15/12).  
  •  Are you a frequent cruise ship traveler and Delta Skymiles member?   If so, you can book a European cruise through Delta Skymiles Cruises and earn up to 40,000 Skymiles for your troubles!
  • Reminder:  British Airways, Multitrip Multiplier promotion is ending on March 15th.  In brief, you can earn over 100,000 Avios in just three flights.  If you’re going to get in on this, now’s the time.
  • Do you like earning free miles?  Do you like watching TV episodes and movies?   Then might I suggest signing up for a Netflix account via this link.  Once you become a paying member you’ll earn 3,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles.  Not too shabby for someone already considering their services.
  • Are you one of those lucky few who can call themselves a member of the Priority Club?   Well, if you are, you can get 1,000 free points simply for watching this 90 second video.  You’re welcome.
  • For those adventurous souls who daringly brave the Amtrak railways, you’ll be happy to know that if you buy points now through March 31st, 2012, you’ll earn an additional 30% more.  Not a bad deal.  Sorry, no link for this deal, but if you’re an Amtrak member, this should be automatic (No harm in calling in first to verify).
  • Best Western Rewards is trying to drive sales through their website, bestwestern.com, by offering a $100 Best Western Travel Card if you manage to find a lower rate on any Best Western property using a third party site.  Something to keep in mind.   Details here.
  • Earn 1,000 Starpoints for every Sheraton Club stay through May 31st, 2012.  Book online here to receive points.
  • Marriott Rewards MegaMiles is offering 2,000 bonus miles for each stay (starting with 2nd stay) up to 50,000 points.  Must book and stay before April 30th, 2012.  Register, book, and learn more here.
Word of Advice:

Deep vein thrombosis (or DVT as it’s commonly known) is the formation of a blood clot within a deep vein and can occur during air-travel, typically flights longer than 4 hours.   DVT occurs more often in over-weight individuals, pregnant women, post-surgery travelers and, interestingly enough, window seat fliers (Dime-store psychology says they don’t want to bother seat-mates and thus don’t stretch their legs during flight).   DVT in fliers is commonly caused by a lack of mobility in the legs which leads to a swelling of the blood vessels.   Symptoms include swelling and redness and may be isolated to one extremity.   A preventative measure is to keep yourself moving (and thus the blood flowing).  Walk up and down the cabin every other hour or, if you find yourself boxed in, simply stretching your calves while seated can help increase blood flow.  

Disclaimer:  I’m not an MD.  If you have serious concerns or if this piqued your interest in DVT, please, please, please, consult a trained, certified, qualified, actual physician.

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