How Much Do You Pay For a Free Flight?

It’s the infamous question. How much does that free flight really cost you? It’s also a very tough question to answer, especially when you have to factor in annual fees for your co-branded credit card, miles earned depending on your award program, etc.

I also learned the hard way that if you’re trying to fly International, fuel surcharges can make a “free” award flight very expensive.

The following infographic developed by attempts to break down the costs and rewards structure of the major co-branded credit cards and then compares them side by side. The color-coding is a bit difficult to follow but the information within the graphic is interesting.

For example, find out (according to their data), how many years it will take an average spender to earn a free flight in each program, the rate of return in rewards for every dollar spent in a particular program, and the first year value of each card in dollars once you factor in the rewards earned and the sign-up bonus.

What did you find interesting in the infographic? It won’t be published until July 11th, so consider yourself privy to a “sneak peak,” compliments of and our friends at!

Airline Rewards: Earning Frequent Flyer Miles
Infographic from

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