How to Convert Air Miles to a Hotel Points Program

Air miles are especially useful for people who love planning vacations or for long business trips. These miles are redeemed into a point system which allows users to fly free or a discounted price. Most air mile programs have a partnership with a hotel points program. This means that your frequent flier points can be converted and used for lower priced hotel stays. Here’s how to convert your air miles into vouchers or points for hotels.

First, log on to your frequent flier program to see how many mile points you have accumulated in your account. If you are unsure how, most mile programs have similar words such “Redeem Your Miles” under your account tab. This will give you a synopsis of your miles usage and what you can do with it.

Look at the options at hand on how to receive hotel vouchers or points with your current available air miles balance. Before selecting your choice, keep in mind that some hotels may have a high point value compared to air miles. So you might need to use an adamant amount of points to get a half off stay discount. After reviewing the information, pick a points or certificate option from the hotel of your choice and complete the transaction.

Most hotel points programs will give you a redemption code via the email use for your frequent flier program. A few programs will automatically give you the discount without using a code, and will still send you a confirmation email. To complete this action smoothly, remember to check on your frequent flier program’s rules and any fees that may apply.

Such fees include a hotel suite or an expedited service. If you have any questions about converting your air points to hotel points, contact us, and we’ll set you on the right track.

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