Krista Paul, Founder of Top 5 Finalist in Colorado Biz Magazine!

Krista Paul, the founder of, was recently announced as one of Colorado’s top 5 most influential young professionals for 2011. She was selected as one of the 5 top finalists to grace the cover of the Colorado Biz Magazine out of 25 top professionals that were recognized in the October issue.

Krista founded after losing thousands of frequent flyer miles to expiration, but her entrepreneurial career apparently started as a young child when she hawked jolly ranchers on her school bus with a friend for a 300% markup.

Krista graduated from the Leed’s School of Business and founded in 2008, as one of 10 companies selected to participate in the Techstars incubator in Boulder, Colorado.

Krista’s current mission is to make loyalty programs easier to manage and use. Thankfully she doesn’t have to do it alone! is now a thriving small company in Denver that is working hard to deliver on that vision.

Join us in congratulating her in this achievement!

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