Krista Paul of UsingMiles Featured in Entrepreneur’s Business & A Beer Event

UsingMiles’, Krista Paul was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s first Business & A Beer event in Denver, Colorado.

Krista joined a diverse group of local entrepreneurs spanning from first-time entrepreneurs to seasoned veterans and even including financial types who invest in start-ups.

As expected, it was a very active conversation, as most of the personalities in the room were Type A. The conversation touched on many aspects of the lifecycle of a business, including how to build a strong team, advice for first-time entrepreneurs, how to innovate, and what to put in a business plan. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

“Talking about your business is crucial to getting feedback on your idea.”

“Keep innovation lean.”

“Get a great lawyer, and a great accountant.”

“You don’t need a lot of MBA’s or 40 years of experience. You need people who are bright and smart and ready to get going.”

“Starting a business with a co-founder is almost like getting married. You need to be comfortable with that person and know that person well.”

“Ideas are a commodity. It’s execution and validation.”

Check out Krista’s cameo in Entrepreneurs Offer Advice to Budding Business Owners and view the other videos below:

What Investors Really Think About Your Business Plan

How Investors View Innovation

Why Keeping a Business Idea Secret Can Backfire

Why a Strong Team Is an Entrepreneur’s Greatest Asset

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