Loyalty Program Spotlight- Familyhood Rewards

One of our most recently added new programs in the dashboard is Familyhood Rewards. It’s an extremely useful program for shopping families, although many of us haven’t ever heard of it! Let’s plunge into this family of sites and see what’s going on in their “hood.”

Familyhood is comprised of a bunch of different websites; all useful in their own way. Diapers.com, Soap.com, Wag.com, Yoyo.com, CASA.com, and Beautybar.com make up the family, hence Familyhood. By definition on the site, Familyhood, “is the name we use to refer to our family of sites. It’s like a neighborhood of stores, all designed to make shopping easier – with the same fast, free delivery and award-winning customer service, plus one shared shopping cart for convenience.”


Each different store’s name implies what customers can find at those specific sites:

  • Diapers.com has everything you could need for a bun in the oven. As stated on the site homepage, “we deliver everything but the baby.”
  • Soap.com is also just that, everyday essentials that we use each day. Detergent and shampoo are among many of the “soap” products but this site also carries vitamins, makeup, fragrances, and much more.
  • Wag.com has products suited for dogs to goldfish, and everything in between.
  • Yoyo.com is a parents dream come true around Christmas time. Although a yoyo may no longer be the hottest toy of the year, this is where parents can find all sorts of toys… while avoiding the sold out shelves and long lines that are associated with most physical toy stores.
  • CASA.com (casa is spanish for house) includes all home items! On this site you can get everything you would need, “beginning with your morning grind and ending with the perfect pillow, we’ve made finding exactly what you need a virtual breeze,” according to the site.
  • Beautybar.com is the final member of the Familyhood. Here, you will find luxury cosmetic brands. Offering beauty lovers latest innovations, looks, and gift ideas that consumers will love.

When you shop with any of the above listed sites, you are automatically enrolled in the rewards program. This makes it easy for the customer, because with no enrollment needed, its a no-brainer! You can earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, plus double points when you purchase diapers, laundry, paper product, or pet food. Familyhood offers double points on these items because they are used and purchased so often. Once you have points, you can visit the Rewards page to see how many points each item “costs.” You earn points with every purchase and your points never expire! Also, across all sites and in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, your point balance is displayed.


These sites make it easy to ditch the weekend rush to grocery mega stores, pet stores, department stores, etc. Shop online with this family of sites and find all you need from your couch! With free 2 day shipping on everything, there is no reason not to shop and earn rewards at the same time on products we use everyday.

Be sure to add Familyhood Rewards to your UsingMiles dashboard today! I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

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