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UsingMiles not only allows you to manage your airline, hotel, car rental and dining loyalty programs, but also helps you manage shopping related loyalty programs! Every time you are at the counter to pay for your items, you’re asked if you want to join the store’s loyalty program. Most of us instinctively say ‘no’ even though we don’t know much about the program. You could be saving lots by joining retail loyalty programs, so we want to take a moment to detail the benefits that come with joining these popular programs: DSW, REI, Sephora, and Staples.

DSW Rewards is definitely something you want to join if you love shoes! DSW Rewards is FREE to join and easy to use. Members earn points on every purchase and receive $10 reward certificates for every 1500 points. Earn 10 points per dollar on regularly purchased items and 5 points per dollar on clearance items. Members can earn even more points with DSW’s two double points shopping days each year and with advance notice of sales, clearances and upcoming opportunities for bonus points. As a member, you will get a newsletter emailed to you with the latest fashion news and on your birthday you get a $5 certificate. To reach Premier status you need to collect 6000 points per year. Premier status allows members to earn 15 points per dollar on regularly purchased items, free next-day shipping, and premier choice cards where you get one Triple Points day every six months.

If you are the outdoors type or do a lot of adventure traveling, an REI membership is worth having. An REI membership is $20 (one-time payment) and is lifetime. When shopping at REI, members typically receive a refund of 10% on purchases. Every March, members receive their refund in the form of a dividend notice. REI members also get special offers and additional savings on gear and clothing, and if you are just renting equipment you save as well! REI also offers adventure trips worldwide and locally and as a new member you get $100 off a trip.

Sephora’s program is known as Beauty Insider and is FREE to join and easy to use! When you make a purchase with Sephora you earn 1 point per dollar and the more points you earn the better the perks! When you hit 100 points perks, you get a free deluxe sample with your purchase. When you have earned 500 points you can spend them on a free gift that is a limited-edition full sized product or you can use your 500 points for free new products that you may have always wanted to try.

To save on office and school supplies Staples Rewards is a FREE and convenient program to join. Rewards include 10% back on all ink and toner purchases, case and ream paper purchases, and copy and print purchases. Staples Rewards also has monthly rewards where members can earn an unlimited 10% back on purchases when members earn at least $10 in rewards. If you recycle any ink or toner cartridges you can receive $2 back in Staples Rewards per cartridge!

These program benefits definitely make these programs worth joining. So next time you’re at the counter you might want to say ‘yes’ to any of these programs, especially now that you know what’s in it for you! Also, be sure to add these programs to your UsingMiles dashboard to help you keep track of your rewards and future freebies!

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