Loyalty Program Spotlight- Virgin Atlantic

The loyalty program in the spotlight this week is Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Given that the London Summer Olympics are coming up and that Virgin Atlantic is a British airline, we at UsingMiles thought it might be a good idea to tell you what this loyalty program offers. Perhaps it will convince you to join the program, or if you are already a member, it may refresh your memory on all the great advantages there are at Virgin.

The Flying Club is very rewarding to its members, and there are three tiers to its membership: Flying Club Red, Flying Club Silver, and Flying Club Gold. For Flying Club Red, you can earn miles on ALL flights, as well as with the airline’s partners on the ground (hotels, car rentals, restaurants, retailers etc.). For Flying Club Silver, you earn 50% extra base flown miles on EVERY flight, full use of Premium Economy check-in no matter which class you’re traveling in, and priority in the line if the flight you’d like to book is already full.. Flying Club Gold includes top notch benefits. You earn 100% more of the base flown miles per flight, you will enjoy upper class checking and priority boarding, get fast tracked through Immigration and Security, and are allowed one EXTRA piece at 50lbs in addition to the standard baggage allowance.

Using your miles is easy with Flying Club! Miles can be used when flying, for upgrading, staying at hotels, shopping and much more. With all the miles you rack up you could upgrade to Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class suite and travel in luxury! The new suite has an 87 inch bed surface, extra seat width, new onboard bar,  a 12.1 inch touch screen monitor, more storage room, and an in-seat power supply.



Need a further incentive to join the loyalty program? To promote the new suite Virgin Atlantic just launched “Little Richard” ice cubes which have a resemblance to president Richard Branson. These unique ice cubes are available at the onboard bar, which you could have access to with the miles you collect!

Can the rewards get any better? Well, yes! If you happen to have 2,000,000 miles you can use them to enter a prize draw to win a trip to space (yes, the place only astronauts normally get to go to) with Virgin Galactic! How many loyalty programs offer this kind of opportunity?

Another bonus, the Flying Club rewards you for recommending your friend to join the program! It’s simple, send a friend an email about the program, and once they sign up and take their first flight, you get bonus miles! If their first trip is economy, you receive 2,000 bonus miles; if it’s premium economy you receive 5,000 miles, and if it’s upper class then you get 10,000 bonus miles! This opportunity is definitely worth taking a look at if you’re bringing some friends with you to London for the Olympics!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to add Flying Club  to your UsingMiles account to keep track of all the points you’re earning, see how you can use points, and learn how to earn bonus points during your travels!

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