The Halloween Scene 2011

Here in Colorado although, “Boulder’s Naked Halloween Streak May Be Coming to an End”, there will no doubt be hundreds of people dressed in a variety of clever costumes, hopping from door to door (or bar to bar) this October 31st.

Halloween gives you the opportunity to take part in one-of-a-kind experiences in almost all major cities. We here at just wanted to let you know about a few of the biggest and most intriguing ones that we wish we could experience.

Salem Massachusetts:
You’ve probably heard of the Salem witch trials. What you might not know, however, is that there is an event hosted by Wiccans to celebrate the dead…and it takes place in Salem, no less.

It’s called the Festival of the Dead and allows participants to learn voodoo rituals, the dance of the dead and “the art of necromancy” (We’re guessing that they use a somewhat loose interpretation of “necromancy”!).

Halloween in New Orleans:
Halloween couldn’t have a better home than a city with as rich a history as New Orleans. Famous for its incredible Mardi-Gras celebration, New Orleans has a similar tradition of well-attended Halloween events.

Take a tour through the “haunted” French Quarter, where there are also a number of authentic voodoo shops and several cemeteries and architecture that’s just old enough to be scary on any night, let alone October 31st.

Pennsylvania (Mahanoy City):
Stroll through a graveyard at night while on what’s known in Mahanoy as, “the world’s only vampire hunt.” This four-hour car rally is an organized event where treasure-hunters follow trail of clues, which lead them to a grave digging finale and two (2) $200 cash prizes.

There will likely be people grabbing your ankles or popping up in front of you during the scariest parts, so only those with a good medical record are encouraged to participate!

Fright Fest at Six Flags:
For perhaps a more typical Halloween, check out “Fright Fest”, Six Flags’ fun and playfully scary event on Halloween night. Fright fest features a number of scary rides both due to their jaw-dropping speed and customized fear-inducing additions like the 140-acre “scream park” (New Jersey).

Though the attractions vary by the location of the Six Flags, each one is bound to be a much more family friendly Halloween vacation.

You can also find fun local things to do in any many of the local Daily Deal sites, such as Groupon or LivingSocial. For instance, we have seen many haunted houses that are half off and yesterday LivingSocial offered half off the “Halloween Adventure Race” in Denver.

What are you doing this Halloween? Check out to organize your frequent flyer and loyalty program points and let us know your favorite Halloween celebrations and we’ll feature them on Twitter/Facebook for Halloween!

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