United Celebrates First Frequent Flyer to Reach 10 Million Mile Mark

United Airlines celebrated its first-ever frequent flyer to reach the 10 million mile mark in the Mileage Plus program this weekend.

Tom Stuker, a Chicago automotive sales consultant, hit the 10 million mile mark somewhere over Iowa while en route to Chicago from Los Angeles. He was was greeted by United’s President and CEO Jeff Smisek, and whisked off to a large after-party at the O’hare Airport with all of the “who’s who” in frequent flyer miles (they forgot to invite me).

What does it mean to have 50 million miles?

  • He flew 5,962 flights with United
  • He flew approximately 340,000 miles per year
  • It took him 29 years to accumulate his miles
  • He has 50 million frequent flyer miles to spend
  • He has flown equivalent to 400 times around the world
  • And equivalent to 20 times to the moon in the back

What do you get if you reach Tom Stuker’s status as a frequent flyer?

  • A Titanium Mileage Plus Membership Card
  • A personal phone line with United Airlines
  • Lavish gifts each time you fly another million miles
  • The first Boeing 747 named after you
  • First pitch at the Cub’s game
  • Never, ever having to stand in lines at the airport again
  • Custom meals made just for you with all your favorite foods
  • Never again, a middle seat. Ever
  • Private check-in areas with secret doors to check you in
  • A golf cart waiting at the gate for you if you are tight on a connection
  • Airlines keeping your flight on the ground while they wait for you
  • 80 award trips to Hawaii

Sounds like a pretty good deal, aye? Unfortunately for most of us frequent flyers, we’ll continue to hope for that next upgrade and that occasional award flight to Utah.

Congrats, Tom!

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