Named One of the “Hottest Companies in Colorado”

Today, UsingMiles was named one of the Top 25 “Hottest Companies in Colorado” by Lead411, a provider of news, research and data about U.S. companies.

The Lead411 team digests over 600 press releases and business articles covering topics like venture funding, new feature announcements, and other articles that give them major insight into what companies are the fastest growing.

400 companies were selected as potential winners of the “Hottest Companies in Colorado,” and those entrants were narrowed down to the top 25. To be considered, your company has to have grown revenues by at least 100% or secured $1 million or more in funding over the past two years.

Please read the full press release here and check out the other top companies! We see a few other Techstars companies in the mix! We’re proud to be part of this coveted group and want to congratulate the other 24 companies on their success.

Be on the lookout for some major new feature announcements coming soon! Also, did you know that we’re now up to 165 programs under management? Stop by the site today and see what programs you can add to your dashboard!

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