UsingMiles’ Top 5 Activities for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is just around the corber, and in celebration of our nation’s hard-working Americans, we all get to take the day off and relax with our friends and family.

In anticipation of this holiday and due to my personal excitement over holidays in general, I have compiled the Top 5 Activities for Labor Day Weekend, compliments of UsingMiles. I even threw in a few extras just for good measure.

1. Go to a state fair or a festival – Labor Day weekend is one of the best weekends of the year to visit a state fair or town festival, simply because they are EVERYWHERE. The best way to find out what your town or state is offering is by searching for the following term in Google: “Labor Day 2011 State Festival X” (with your city or state replacing X).

Another great site that seems to have a comprehensive listing of festivals and fairs is For instance, I found out that Denver is hosting the
“Taste of Colorado” over Labor Day, and Telluride is hosting the “Blues and Brews Festival.” Not bad choices.

2. Go camping – admit it or not, summer is winding down and so is the good weather, so Labor Day is the perfect long weekend to get one last camping trip planned before fall sets in.

Search for and reserve a campsite on  or or Reserve America.

You can also stop by your local REI store and pick up some free pamplets on great places in your area to camp and hike. Also, get advice from experts on what to bring camping. 

3. Rent a houseboat – if you like sleeping on a boat, houseboats are an awesome way to spend a holiday weekend. Once you decide where you want to go, I suggest calling several different rental companies in the area to get some quotes so you can make sure you are getting the best deal. You will also need to decide how much money you want to spend because houseboats can basically get as fancy as you fancy if cost isn’t a concern. Below are several of the top bodies of water for houseboating in the U.S. If you can’t decide where to go, start here.

  • Lake Powell
  • Lake Shasta
  • Lake of the Ozarks
  • Florida Keys
  • Mississippi River

4. Check out Fireworks – although the 4th of July is the traditional holiday for viewing fireworks, there are actually quite a few displays over Labor Day as well. Again, check with your town, either in the newspaper or online, and see if there are fireworks displays in your area over the weekend. Bring a picnic and a camera and there you have it.

5. Host a BBQ – there isn’t a better way to spend a warm Labor Day then with friends and food. If you have the energy and time to entertain, I suggest hosting a BBQ yourself and inviting all of your closest friends to celebrate the day together! To ease the pressure on yourself, make it more of a potluck and ask everybody to bring a dish or a drink.

Spice up the party by featuring backyard games like Cornhole, Bocce Ball, Ladder Toss or just plain ol’ Frisbee! You can buy most of these games at your local Target or order them online.

Other Labor Day ideas…

Go to the zoo – many zoos have extended hours over Labor Day Weekend

Take a swim – summer isn’t over yet, so track down your local public pool and make a day of it!

Go to a parade – parades are very popular over Labor Day Weekend so check out whether your town is hosting one and grab an early seat to see the action!

Take a hike – simple and fulfilling.

Go fishing – a good way to spend Labor Day anywhere, but particularly in California, where Labor Day is free fishing day!

Go to an outdoor concert – another popular activity and a great way to spend a warm afternoon. Look for free outdoor shows in your area and celebrate to the sound of jazz, folk, or even the symphony.

Regardless of what you do, please plan a fun Labor Day Weekend, and if you’re traveling, let help you get there!

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