Visit London for the 2012 Summer Olympics

Although it’s still about a year away, tickets for the 2012 London Summer Olympics are currently on sale, and if you’re planning on going, it’s always best to start preparing early. London was elected after beating out Moscow, Paris, Madrid and New York and this will mark the first time in modern history that a city hosts the Olympics three times (London hosted in 1908 and 1948).

To check out the Summer Games hassle-free, there are a few things you should know. In this blog, has compiled some of the best information we could find to help you make arrangements to see the 2012 Summer Olympics.

About the Games
The Summer Olympics is renowned for its grandeur and entertainment value. Gymnastics, Basketball, Cycling and Running are among the most popular events, however, there 29 total sports and over 300 competitions to choose from. A trip to see the Olympics is for many, a once-in-a-lifetime experience which is unrivaled in the world of sports as top-level international contenders showcase their skills on perhaps the biggest stage on Earth.

On Friday, July 27 the celebrations begin with singing, dancing and fireworks as the Olympic torch is exhibited. From there, get ready for Swimming competitions starting on July 29, Horse riding on the 31 and Cycling (the velodrome) starting on August 2.

Check out the Bizarre, (artistically) controversial Logo and Mascot chosen to represent the 2012 Olympics!

Getting There
For members of loyalty programs, if you plan to use frequent flyer miles to help realize your trip, you will want to get started as early as possible because many other people will also be trying to use their miles to get to London for the Summer Games. If you can, book a one-way departure ticket using miles when it is available and book your return flight separately if it becomes available. You should only do this if you are prepared to pay the difference if you can’t find an award ticket home. This way you won’t have to wait around for a round-trip ticket, nor will you have to compete with those who are waiting.

Another way to save some cash is by flying to other destinations in Europe and then taking a train or Ferry into London. Often there are less expensive flights into the Netherlands or Ireland. This is especially true if you wait too long to get your plane ticket to London, which may cost around $2000 during Olympic fever. If you do plan to fly to London, however, you will likely land in Heathrow Airport (LHR) and from there you can easily take a Taxi to your hotel which is hopefully nearby.

If you start early enough you can save hundreds of dollars on plane tickets and improve your chances for hotel bookings. Not to mention that warm feeling you get from the anticipation of such a remarkable vacation! Check out to help organize your frequent flyer miles and spend them to see the 2010 London Summer Olympics.

Things to do in London
London is a world-hub for the arts, culture, fashion, education and entertainment. You don’t need to be a savvy traveler to find something interesting to do in this city; your options are unlimited but include a variety of plays, musical theater productions, history tours and museums.

Travelers on a budget won’t be left in the dark either, there are several worth-while adventures for free, including visiting all the major London Museums, Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens (Regent Park), street markets and street performers. Travelers who want to splurge a little should look into London’s fine dining scene, guided tours and castle visits.

If you are planning on going to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, let know if you have any tips of your own! We will post them via Twitter or Facebook.

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